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TPO Roofing Atlanta
At Georgia Commercial Roofing we are proud to be experts in Thermoplastic polyolefin, or TPO Roofing. Thermoplastic polyolefin roofs save money and energy. It’s no wonder they are gaining popularity in places where the sun’s rays can increase air conditioning costs. In warm climates, air-conditioning can be one of the main expenses that drive up the cost of operating a building. An efficient reflective roof can help reduce that cost.

Reflective TPO roofing can make a building more energy efficient and reduce the need for air conditioning in regions that have numerous Cooling Degree Days (CDD), such as in the Southeastern United States. TPO roofing helps save on energy on ordinary CDDs, but also in times of extreme daytime temperatures, when the overall electrical grid is stressed. Investing in a cool roof means fewer days when air-conditioning equipment battles to cool a building that is absorbing all the sun’s energy.

The Department of Energy even has a calculator to help consumers see how much energy – and money – they could save with TPO roofing over traditional materials in their geographic region. Depending on the size of the building, the region and the local electrical rates (which may include peak time surcharges), the savings with TPO roofing can be substantial.

A reflective TPO roof not only helps an individual building owner save energy and reduce costs, cool roofs are part of many cities’ strategy to reduce the “heat island effect.” By allowing the sun’s rays to bounce off, reflective roofs prevent heat absorption, which can compound in large cities and cause the overall temperature to increase.

TPO Roofing Atlanta
Versico 60 mil TPO installed on a mausoleum at the Evergreen Memorial Park on Atlanta Highway in Athens.

The Environmental Protection Division says that cool roofs can lower energy use, peak electricity demand, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, heat-related incidents, and even solid waste generation because the roofs require less replacing.

Every owner is concerned with the cost of maintaining his commercial building, but TPO roofing not only saves on energy, it also can help an owner’s wallet by saving on maintenance and repairs. Flat roofs can be prone to leaks, but TPO roofing offers a more leak-resistant option compared to traditional materials.

A durable TPO roof is less prone to leaks and stands up to weather better, meaning fewer headaches and maintenance costs for the owner.

Due to the many benefits of reflective TPO roofs, more and more people are considering the technology and choosing a material that will save them energy, money, trouble and worry over the long-term. The popularity of TPO roof has soared over the past few years.

The product is available in white, gray and tan. It performs well in high winds and is resistant to punctures from hail and other objects.

If you are looking for a great commercial roofing material contact Georgia Commercial Roofing. We can handle all of your TPO Roofing needs.