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Trinity Lutheran

Commercial Roofing Georgia
Commercial Roofing Georgia
We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Athens Roofing for exceeding our expectations on our campus roof replacement. The fact that you could get enough reliable crews on the job to begin and complete the job of re-roofing five buildings in one week so that it would be completed before Christmas was extraordinary. We know it was no easy task as every stake holder was constantly expressing an opinion and some changes were needed along the way. You and your foreman, Chris Lutz, expertly managed the political process of dealing with a group mentality as well as the crews and workers completing the work. As in any project as large as ours, we know that it is a work in progress and things are going to come up. Your professionalism, communication, and willingness to come over anytime we request is exceptional. We have established a wonderful working relationship with you and look forward to continuing our business relationship with Athens Roofing in the future. Trinity Lutheran Church, Inc. would highly recommend Athens Roofing to other organizations needing roof repair and/or replacements. Sincerely, Rev. David R. Heller

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"They exhibit immaculate workmanship and follow thru post-installation."