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Are you frustrated with continuing leak issues that never seem to get fixed permanently?

Maybe your current commercial roofing company is making so much money in repairs that they don’t want to recommend a roof replacement.

We don’t work that way. Our clients appreciate our expertise working with all types of commercial roofing, and our ability to value engineer permanent solutions to their problems.

If you aren’t getting the service or solutions that make economic sense or that fit in your budget from your current Georgia Commercial Roofing Repair contractor, all we ask for is the opportunity to show our capabilities by evaluating your roof.

We install new roofs for clients in the: office, medical, retail, warehouse, school, hospital, condo and multi-family market sectors.

We have experience you need with different roofing designs and with manufacturers of TPO, PVC, metal, modified bitumen, built up asphalt and gravel roofing.

Roof Systems


Thermoplastic polyolefin is growing in popularity in the southern US because of its reflective properties. These properties provide excellent energy efficiency even in extreme heat. The product is available in white, gray and tan. It performs well in high winds and is resistant to punctures from hail and other objects.

Read More About Our Georgia TPO Roofing


Polyvinyl Choride has been used for many years across the US. It has a high resistance to oils and grease and that makes it ideal for restaurants and other buildings that are exposed to them. PVC has long-term durability in a variety of climates.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing systems for your commercial building are maintenance-free, fireproof, energy efficient, durable and can be manufactured to give virtually any look you desire including asphalt shingles wood shake and ceramic tiles.

We realized the long term advantages of metal roofs long before most of our competitors did and have established ourselves as leaders in commercial metal roofing installation in Georgia.  To learn more about Athens Roofing owner Chris Lutz’s industry leading system for metal roofing installation, please take a look at some of these videos.

As a result, we are uniquely positioned we will be pleased to help you evaluate a new metal roof versus more traditional options.

Metal roofing systems are available in sheet aluminum, stainless steel, zinc and copper.

Modified Bitumen

This is a multi-layer roof that is similar in other built up roof systems. This type of roof is often found in areas where there will be foot traffic. Different surfacing options include: smooth, gravel or mineral.

Built-Up Asphalt and Gravel

These types of roofs have been in existence for more than a century. They are functional and long lasting, however they are prone to ongoing repairs in the long run. They are typically made of asphalt or tar and gravel.

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